The Arts

Advance the arts at Stony Brook with programs that enhance student creativity, promote the marriage of technology and art, and challenge students to discover the true, the good, and the beautiful.

Stony Brook students routinely express profound appreciation for their studies in core disciplines like history and science. We want to raise the profile of the arts so that more of our students also see the arts as a vital part of their education. We recognize that technical competence alone cannot be the goal of 21st century education, and that the world needs “technicians” who are thoughtful about the moral, spiritual, aesthetic, and cultural dimensions of human creativity. Creativity, critical thinking, problemsolving, and cultivating a love of beauty are central to education, and the arts have always been necessary in cultivating these qualities in students.

Action Steps: 
  • Invest in faculty development and facilities for the arts. 
  • Develop curriculum and scheduling options to promote the arts and incentivize student participation in the arts. 
  • Develop curriculum that helps students to reflect critically, philosophically, and theologically about the arts and about human creativity. 
  • Incorporate the arts/humanities into the STEM initiatives, creating STE[A]M.
  • Network with other schools who are on the forefront of STE[A]M initiatives.

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