SBS Parents

SBS Parents is run by and comprised of parents of current students. All are welcome to participate!

As an organization, we plan a number of events each year. All parents of current SBS students are kept informed of these happenings and have opportunities to get involved.

Additionally, each grade has one or two "class parents" who serve as liaisons between each class and the SBS Parent Executive Board. The class parents for each grade are listed below.

Our goal is to create a strong parent community and to help facilitate beneficial dialogue between the school and its current parents. We aim to support parents by hosting valuable and worthwhile events, seminars, and conferences, and provide opportunities for fellowship and social interaction among parents by hosting both in-person local events and remote events. We also host events and other activities for the purpose of appreciation and encouragement to the SBS faculty and staff.

Please contact a member of the board at if you have any questions.

  • SBS Parent Executive Board

    President- Devin Finamore, P `26
    Vice President- Beth Trama, P `22, `26
    Secretary- Natalie Worthington, P`26
    Treasurer- Wei Jiao, P `23, `25
    Class Parent Director- Nancy Cippitelli, P `25, `26

  • Class Parents

    7th Grade
    Amanda Kronin `91, P `28
    Cheryl Masie, P `28,
    Irene Moshovich, P `28

    8th Grade
    Shannon Beaver P `23, `27
    Mollie Duggal P`22, `27
    Diana Salsone, P `27

    9th Grade
    Amanda Meltzer, P `21, `26
    Natalie Brett, P `22
    Anna Minutillo, P `25, `26

    10th Grade
    Catherine Paradise, P `25
    Kim Lauri, P `25
    Nancy Cippitelli, P `25, `26

    11th Grade
    Joanne Specht, P `17, `20, `24
    Wilma Wu, P `24

    12th Grade
    Shannon Beaver, P `23, `27
    Christine Reilly, P `17, `21, `23