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International Student Partnership (ISP)

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  • What is the International Student Partnership program?

    The International Student Partnership (ISP) is a school cultural immersion program designed specifically for international students who are new to The Stony Brook School (SBS), especially those international students who have not studied previously at a school in the United States.  The program will help prepare participants gain confidence and fluency in preparing for success as Stony Brook students.

    Students in the ISP program will receive individual coaching and feedback about their academic work, especially reading comprehension and essay writing.  Students will also receive an intensive introduction to the school culture at Stony Brook, giving them confidence in adjusting to life in a new community.

    During the program, participants will get to know a host family, usually the family of one of Stony Brook’s teaching faculty.   As well, the student prefect board of The Stony Brook School will help lead a trip to New York City for the ISP participants, giving our new international students a chance to form friendships with our school’s student leaders.
    Should you have any questions, please contact the ISP Director.
  • Who should attend the ISP Program?

    This program will be required for many new international students, especially those who have not previously studied at a school in the United States. This requirement will be clearly stated on their Enrollment Contracts.  Additional new international students may attend the ISP program as space allows. Interested parents should contact the Admissions Office for space availability. Only registered students will be permitted to attend.
  • When should I arrive for the ISP program?

    For international students who have been accepted to the ISP program, the first session starts on Saturday, August 15, at 1:00 p.m. in the Hollis Student Center.  Families are encouraged to accompany their students to this first session, which will run from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  This first session will introduce students and families to The Stony Brook School community and will check to make sure all required forms for enrollment at our school have been completed.  Our school campus will be open on the morning of August 15 to welcome those who have arrived early.
  • Where do ISP students stay from August 15 through August 23?

    Beginning with Saturday evening on August 15, ISP students will be hosted in faculty homes on campus for the duration of the program.  On August 23, host families will assist ISP students to move into an SBS dormitory. Each participating faculty member usually hosts two or three ISP students.  The ISP program also includes a trip into NYC. For this trip, ISP students will be chaperoned at a midtown Manhattan hotel for two nights.
  • What do ISP students do?

    During the nine days of the ISP program, ISP students will receive lively and engaging instruction by members of The Stony Brook School faculty, primarily members of the English department.  These classes are designed to boost student confidence in studying at Stony Brook. Classes will include individual conferences in which each student receives careful feedback regarding writing and other academic skills. Students will be given a helpful introduction to the academic expectations at The Stony Brook School.  During this time, ISP students become familiar with our school campus and meet many of the faculty and staff of The Stony Brook School. Late afternoons and evenings will usually be spent in small groups at the homes of the faculty hosts, where students will rest after a busy day, share a meal prepared by their host families, and prepare for the next day.   
  • What is the NYC trip?

    The heart of the ISP program is a three day trip.  First we will spend two days in Manhattan, visiting NYC attractions, staying in a midtown hotel, and touring distinctive Manhattan neighborhoods.  On the third day, we will conclude the trip with a visit to Six Flags Amusement Park in New Jersey.

    This trip will be led by faculty chaperones and by a team of “veteran” SBS students, chosen from among our school prefects and other student leaders.  For the trip, each international student will be partnered with one of our older student leaders. This partnership forms the core of the social experience for the program.  After the trip, we will return to The Stony Brook School campus and the hosting faculty homes for the remaining days of the program.
  • What should ISP students bring with them to the ISP program?

    ISP students can arrive on August 15 with all of their luggage and supplies for the school year.  Most of this luggage will be put into storage. Students should also come with separate suitcase and one backpack (or school bag) containing clothes and supplies for the nine days of the ISP program.  Students will also need a small traveling bag or suitcase to take on the three-day trip to NYC.  Students can dress casually for the ISP program and are encouraged to bring T-shirts, shorts, and athletic shoes, and also a swimming suit for possible trips to the beach.  ISP students will probably attend a local church on Sunday with their host families, and so students are asked to bring with them one change of clothes appropriate for a more formal setting (what Americans call “business casual” will be fine).  Most students find having a computer or tablet with them helpful for the program.
  • What expenses are covered by the ISP program?

    For the duration of the program, all primary expenses are covered by the ISP program.  Faculty hosts will provide breakfast and supper for their ISP students. ISP students will share catered lunches during their ISP class days.  All primary expenses for the NYC trip are also covered by the program, including transportation for the trip, hotel accommodations, admission tickets to various venues, and group meals.  Students will need to bring cash (or bank cards) in order to pay for lunches and snacks on the trip.
  • How much does the ISP program cost?

    The cost for the ISP program is $4,800 per international student.  This amount, along with the 20% boarding tuition deposit, is due when your signed Enrollment Contract is returned to The Stony Brook School by the prescribed due date.  Also, please return the signed ISP Permission Form, found on the next page.

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