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The Stony Brook School has developed a plan to offer our full academic program to students no matter where they are, on campus or anywhere in the world. When designing our model, we considered the following elements critical to our efforts to continue to provide the level of education and service that you’ve come to expect from us:
  • Our full academic program without compromising quality or time spent engaging with the curriculum and with the learning community
  • One plan that works for all contingencies: virus contained, resurgent in waves, or prevalent, international travel open or closed, vaccines widely available or not, etc.
  • Ability for students to arrive to campus late, stay home as needed, and participate in class from anywhere in the world
  • Social distancing possible for all students in classrooms, hallways, assembly spaces, etc.
  • A full week of full school days available to families who feel comfortable sending their children to campus
  • Supervision for all students throughout the school day to ensure safety protocols are being followed and to provide academic oversight and support to enable students to thrive in this model of education
  • The flexibility to responsibly relax restrictions as the situation allows.

Personalized Instruction. Smaller Classes. Smart Use of Technology.

The academic plan we have developed meets those criteria by using three modes of instruction:

Supercharged Portal
When students open their online portal this coming year, they will be amazed at the resources available to them there. Faculty are working tirelessly throughout the summer to post all assignments, assessments, and resources in advance of the school year so students can study, practice, and have their progress assessed in a medium that can be accessed at any time of day from anywhere. In addition to reading assignments, teachers are creating videos, screencasts, and podcasts to help students understand the toughest and most important concepts. The school will also be leveraging tools like Virtual Labs, Formative, VoiceThread, and Quizlet and making better use of MyMathLab, Mastering Science, and Turnitin to enhance learning. 

Small Group Personalized Instruction
Dedensified classrooms of typically 8-12 students at a time will allow teachers to meet the needs of individual students. Teachers will implement Oxford-style tutorials, moderate Harkness table discussions, conduct labs and small group projects, and provide individualized feedback and instruction twice a week in classrooms or via Zoom. With class materials already on the portal, teachers will be able to focus all of their attention on supporting and assessing student learning.

Large Group Livestream
To free up time for small group instruction, teachers will deliver one-to-many livestreams to students around the globe once a week. During this time, students on campus will be six feet apart in proctored classrooms. Livestreaming will allow teachers to deliver timely announcements, lectures that are responsive to current events and the current needs of the students in the course, and conduct brief assessments and polls to check for understanding. All livestreams will be recorded and posted to the portal for those who cannot attend.

Safe Passage

Our commitment to student safety goes beyond dedensified classrooms. Passing periods will be 10 minutes with staggered exits to reduce hallway density. Hallways and stairwells will be one-way with social distancing enforced by strong faculty presence. Chapel, assembly, and advisory will be done in a way that allows for social distancing and for remote access as well. 

Academic News

List of 3 news stories.

  • A Message to Our Community from Head of School Joshua Crane and Director of Equity and Inclusion Chris Burton

  • Emmy Specht '20 Featured in Newsday

    Emmy was featured as an "Extraordinary Senior" in Newsday's most recent edition. Read the article here. We're so proud of you, Emmy!
  • Graduation Car Processional for the Class of 2020

    On May 24, SBS held a graduation car-processional to celebrate the hard work and determination of the class of 2020. For the celebration, the school invited seniors and their families to decorate their cars, show school spirit, and parade through campus. Seniors were driven up Chapman Parkway to the cheers of the school community, including faculty, staff, and dorm parents. 
    We’re extremely proud of the class of 2020 and want to honor them while also maintaining social distancing protocol,” said Director of Upper School Kris Ryan. “Our seniors have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and we are excited to provide them with an opportunity to celebrate all that they have accomplished together.”
    Because some of the senior class was unable to attend due to distance, the school ordered large cardboard cutouts of the students’ faces to use during the procession. The faculty or staff advisor of each absent student paraded their likeness up Champan Parkway to the cheers of their community. The event was also live streamed so those unable to attend can watch in real time, and can be found here.
    After the procession, cars then drove onto the softball field to hear a brief address from Head of School Joshua Crane.

    We are so proud of our seniors and hope to celebrate more officially, in person, in August! More photos to come.
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