Information for New Students


Welcome to The Stony Brook School! You have made a great choice to join a community of scholars who bring wisdom and imagination together to cultivate great vision in the next generation of leaders.

Please find below information regarding
  • Logging on to the School portal
  • Completing Health Forms
  • Registering for class
  • Textbooks
  • Summer Reading Assignments

School Portal (

The School portal is your source for important school information, including:
  • School calendar
  • School handbooks
  • Dress Code
  • Various checklists
  • Summer Reading
In early July you will receive additional information regarding permission forms.  Student Handbooks will be available prior to the start of school for you to review.


Each student will receive a Stony Brook School email address ( ) and access to the portal. It is important that students check their email and log onto the portal on a regular basis.

Email is the primary means of communication from the school to the students. The school’s email is based on Gmail and can easily be added to your smartphone.

If you have not yet received your Stony Brook School email account, please contact the Academic Technology Coordinator, Mr. Jackson Loo at


The portal is where students will find their schedule, classroom materials, assignments and grades. Parents are also able to view their child’s progress through the portal and communicate with their teachers.

New students will be receiving an email shortly with the log in instructions for email. Once the email is set up, please follow the following instructions to access the school portal:

Go to:
If this is your first time logging in, click on the link at the bottom right of the screen:

Forgot password or First time logging in?


Enter the student’s new Stony Brook School email address and request the username and password by
checking off the boxes and click SEND to submit your request.  Instructions will be sent to the student’s email address. Follow those instructions to set up a password.

Health Forms

Required Annual Health Forms can be found on the Portal under Resources then Magnus Health. Students will not be allowed to attend School without the completed Health Forms as mandated by New York State.

Please note: You must be logged in with a parent’s account to access the Health Forms.  Students accounts do not have access to the Health Forms.

All NEW students require a PPD to be completed and results uploaded to Magnus prior to the first day of school and moving into the dorms.

All International Students are required to enroll in the school health insurance plan.  Your child will automatically be signed up on the school insurance plan.  You will be billed by the business office.  Information on the plan can be found on this page.

School Forms *

JULY 2019 - There are a number of forms that need to be completed by each family for each student enrolled for the upcming school year.  The forms include permissions, emergency contact information, and a link to the Student Handbook.  One parent will need to log onto the Portal.  There you will see a yellow banner at the top of the screen indicating that there are forms to complete. Click on the link to access and fill out the School Forms. The yellow banner will disappear once you have completed the School Forms.

Course Requests

The Course Catalog can be viewed on the Portal under Resources>Student Resources>Handbooks. The Catalog includes graduation requirements, course prerequisites, and registration procedures.

Course Request Process and Timeline

After May 17, new student registration, evaluation, and advising occurs on a rolling basis. Enrolled students will receive a Stony Brook School email account and a username and password to access the Portal. From the Portal you can choose your elective courses and complete the online course request. For help logging into the Portal, contact the Academic Technology Coordinator, Mr. Loo at

If we have received your test scores and transcripts, then you should be able to view a list of the required courses and the recommended classes by following the instructions below:

Login to the Portal and go to the “My Day” page, click the link titled “Course Requests.” On the right side is a list of required or recommended courses. To delete recommended courses, click on the red “x”. To add a course, select from the options on the left side of the page. To read through course descriptions and prerequisites, click on the course title link located under each heading ( i.e. English, History...etc).

Mini-course registration begins in September and enrollment is based on seniority


Each family is responsible for ensuring that their child has the books he or she needs at the start of the year. Please read the Textbook Policy on the Resource Board in the portal to find out how to obtain your textbooks.

If you have not received your child's approved course list, please send an email to 

Summer Reading Assignments

The Stony Brook School is a community of men and women committed to daily stimulation of the mind through the reading of outstanding literature. Well-written books enable the escape from our own narrowly-bounded lives in order to share in the experiences of other peoples, cultures, and times. Some books have the power to raise us to heights of ecstasy, others to uncover deeper sorrows than we ever knew existed, and the best ones leave us as changed people.

Words of wisdom before you start reading:
  • Do not watch the movie until after you have read the book.
  • Avoid using study aids such as Cliff's Notes, since they are pale shadows that cannot replicate the real thing.
  • Read for your own enjoyment, looking forward to the discussion with your peers and faculty.
Use the link to the right to find your required summer reading.
Questions? Email

Technology Requirement

The school does not specify any particular computing device. Each student should have access to an internet-ready computing device with a physical keyboard. Smartphones can be used for checking emails and looking up information, but each student will need another device that is larger than a phone for school assignments. This can be a tablet, laptop computer or a Chromebook. Having a physical keyboard is especially important for writing assignments.  Internet access is necessary for checking email, for school assignments and research and for submitting class work.

As part of your school email account, you will have access to Google Docs, Sheets, Drive, and other apps as part of the Google Suite for Education.

If you have any questions please contact Tech Support

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