Student Health Services

Dear Parent and/or Guardian,

Our mission at the Health Center is to serve the students, your children.  When school is in session we have liberal clinic hours, and 24-hour-a-day emergency services.  In the event of a serious medical situation involving your child, we will contact you expeditiously.  For routine medical care, we ask your child to take the responsibility of informing you.  Please review the following information:

Medication Policy
No medications, including over the counter medications can be stored in the student’s rooms, with the exception of inhalers for asthma or epi-pens for severe allergies and prescription medication that has been approved by the Health Center Staff.

No medication may be mailed directly to students,
it must be mailed to the Health Center.  Please do not send any medication that has not been previously approved through the Health Center for your child.

The Authorization for the Administration of Medicines must be completed by both parents and physician. 
Additional medication forms can be found on the school portal.

If your child is taking medication, please contact the Health Center before arrival at school.  We will assist you with making any necessary arrangements, so we are prepared to begin dispensing your child’s medication.

Parents must keep a separate supply of medications at home, to be used for weekends or vacations.
  We recognize that insurance companies will only pay for a one month supply, and you may have to purchase one month supply to keep at home.

It is the student’s responsibility to take his/her daily medication to maintain their optimal health and performance.  If a student is noncompliant with the medication plan, it could affect performance and consequently his/her good standing in the Stony Brook community.  Parents are welcome to call and speak to inquire about medication compliance.

The State of New York requires that no child shall be admitted to school without appropriate certification of immunization against diphtheria, poliomyelitis, measles, mumps, rubella, and hepatitis B or has shown acceptable evidence of excuse for medical or religious reasons.  The State of New York requires that “proof of immunization” be submitted each year.  It is no longer acceptable to indicate that this information is “on file”.

Billing / Insurance
All students are required to have health insurance prior to registration in August.  If your child is covered by private, US approved health insurance, you must provide a copy of both sides of the insurance card.  If you need to enroll in the school sponsored plan, please fill out the application that was enclosed in your packet.

Families with HMO or PPO who need to select a primary physician for your child you must select from these towns because the health center is not able to provide transportation for students beyond these areas: Stony Brook, Setauket, East Setauket, St. James, Port Jefferson, Port Jefferson Station, Nesconset, Smithtown, Lake Grove.  The school’s physician is Dr. Richard Gold, 215 E. Main Street, Smithtown, NY 11787, tel: 631-265-5858.

ALL international students are required to be enrolled in the School sponsored student medical plan and will have the participating insurance premiums automatically charged to their tuition account.  This is necessary because American healthcare providers will not bill foreign families or plans.  This will assure our parents that there will be no interruption in medical care their child may require.

Physical Examinations
All students are required to have a yearly physical examination.  Please have your physician determine if your child is able to participate in sports at school.  International students and student athletes returning to school early will not be allowed to participate unless all health forms have been received by the Health Center. 

Health Forms
All health forms are to be submitted through Magnus Health via the school portal.  Through Magnus you can download the forms, update vital health information and access your submitted forms throughou the year.  You will have the option to upload your forms online, fax or mail to Magnus to update your child's records.  Please do not submit paperwork to the school.

Please remember that our sole reason for being here is to care for and assist your child in your absence.  Should you have any concerns or questions, we welcome your visit to the Health Center or please give us a call any time 631-751-1800 x523 or email

Additional health information can be found on the school website:

Health Services

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