Brookers excelling academically

Congratulations to Shengcong (Tony) Wang! He won 3rd place for his digitally controlled robotic arm at the New York State Science and Engineering Fair held in Queens at The New York Hall of Science.

In other academic achievement news, the UKBC British Olympiad is a competition based on these highest “A” level exams. Over 13,000 students from 800 schools worldwide participated in this year’s competition. The two-part 90-minute on-line exam was held at SBS on Wednesday, March 8th, and our students did quite well. We are proud of all of them for their effort and achievement.

Phuong (Danielle) Lam ‘25 – Participation
Thai Ly ‘24- Highly Commended
Yining (Oliver) Tian ‘24- Commended
Kairui (Carrey) Yang ’26 – Silver Medal (top 10%)
Boya Zhang ’25 – Bronze Medal (top 15%)
Qingyuan (Harry) Zhang ’24 – Gold Medal (top 5%)
Qirong (Jasmine) Zhao ’24 – Bronze Medal (top 15%)

The United Kingdom’s British educational system differs from the USA in that basic general education culminates at age 16 and then for those individuals following an academic route to
university, specializes into various disciplines (history, life science, languages, etc.) with fewer courses taken the next two years. Students take Advanced (or “A”) level exams at the end of
those two years.