Celebrating SBS Talent at NYSSMA

The Stony Brook School is proud to celebrate Julianna Sparacio ‘24 and Alanna Wu ‘24, who showcased their musical talents at the NYSSMA All-State Conference in Rochester, NY.

Julianna shared her experience, describing the rigorous but rewarding journey at the conference. “My All-State experience was absolutely incredible. While it took a lot of focus and hard work, rehearsing and performing with the best student musicians in all of New York was a truly unique experience. From making beautiful music to making lifelong friends, All-State allowed me to embrace my love for music in a way I had never been able to. I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to pursue my passion at such a high level, and I thank SBS so much for providing me the resources to do so.”

Alanna emphasized how grateful she was for being a part of this event. “Being part of the NYSSMA All-State choir was such an amazing experience. While rehearsals were long and tiresome, the resulting performance made it all worth it. I am extremely grateful and honored that I was able to sing among some of the top musicians in New York.”

Their memorable journey to the NYSSMA All-State Conference highlighted not only their musical talent but also their dedication to their craft. These students have made the Stony Brook School community proud and serve as inspirations to their fellow Brookers.


Left to right: Julianna Sparacio ‘24, Alanna Wu ‘24