Brookers Medal at Eastern Long Island Regional Tournament

Two of our school’s Science Olympiad teams participated in the Eastern Long Island Regional Tournament this past Saturday. Earning medals in almost every event, our teams placed 2nd and 6th overall out of 60 teams from our region. With their wins, our school will now advance to the State Tournament for the third year in a row and compete against the best teams from different regions throughout New York State!¬†¬†Special thanks to our students, parents, teachers, and administrators for supporting our Science Olympiad teams.

Congratulations to the following students earning medals!
Air Trajectory
4th – Vincent Zhao and Andrew Wong
Anatomy and Physiology
3rd place – Harry Zhang and Boya Zhang
Chemistry Lab
7th – Thai Ly and Ray Shu
8th – Jasmine Zhao and Vincent Zhao
3rd – Tom He, Joseph Jung, Michael Liu
6th – Serena Zhou, Louis Wu, Tiffany Ren
Disease Detectives
4th – Jason Qian and Ray Shu
Dynamic Planet 
7th – Alex Doboli and Isabel Guo
Experimental Design
3rd – Louis Wu, Vincent Zhao, Seoyoung Shin
10th – Thai Ly, Ray Shu, Timoleon Tiliakos
2nd – Vincent Zhao and Louis Wu
5th – Sergio Pestun and Tom He
1st – Sergio Pestun and Timoleon Tiliakos
5th – Timur Azaz and Daniel Wong
4th – Thai Ly and Ray Shu
3rd – Harry Zhang and Boya Zhang
2nd – Harry Zhang and Alex Doboli
3rd – Alex Doboli and Ivy Sung
Microbe Mission
3rd – Harry Zhang and Boya Zhang
4th – Sergio Pestun and Nathan Cheng
Robot Tour
1st – Nathan Cheng and Michael Liu
3rd – Ellen Hong and Yeri Kim
10th – Daniel Wong and Yeri Kim
2nd – Boya Zhang and Andy Wang
4th – Andrew Wong and Serena Zhou
Wind Power
3rd – Michael Liu and Andy Wang