Mentoring Students

Further “Character Before Career” through a robust student mentoring system for all students that stresses personalized learning, health and wholeness, leadership training, cultural intelligence, and spiritual and character development.
In our age of anxiety, a “character before career” education is more vital than ever. Character education has always been centered on strong relationships between faculty and students at Stony Brook, and we want to support these relationships with greater intentionality. Further, we believe that all students are made in the image of God with dignity and worth and are called to love and serve others. Our program will intensify mentoring, helping students to a better knowledge of themselves and their world, and so to gaining wisdom and confidence about their choices regarding school and life.

Action Steps: 
  • Train and empower teachers, staff, and residential dorm parents to take a larger role in counseling and mentoring students, challenging students to cultivate virtue and a thirst for wisdom and knowledge, assisting students to practice serving and leading others, and helping students to grow in faith.
  • Develop a health and wholeness curriculum that helps students gain a critical distance from the pressures they experience related to success and performance. We will encourage our students to respond with maturity and self-control to the various idols of our culture: media, materialism, consumerism, anxiety-driven performance. 
  • Assist students to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, to monitor their growth and well-being. 
  • Expand staffing in counseling and mentoring to help students leverage their strengths, gifts, and passions, and develop skills and habits that contribute to their well-being and the well-being of others. 
  • Promote a robust theology of difference and inclusion that, in conjunction with our School’s mission, will direct us as we cultivate cultural intelligence within the context of our diverse community and as our students prepare to serve the world. 

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