Founders' Day of Giving

The Stony Brook School story began with a vision

In 1909 the Stony Brook Assembly, a retreat center with a series of annual summer Bible conferences, opened to the vision of Rev. Dr. John F. Carson and his associates. The assembly was an immediate success, but Carson's work was far from complete.

He envisioned a school that would use the property throughout the year, educating students with a biblically-centered curriculum and placing Christ at the core of learning. Thirteen years later, in mid-September of 1922, The Stony Brook School for boys officially opened.

New headmaster Frank E. Gaebelein delivered an address conveying the significance of Stony Brook as an experiment in Christian education. His vision for the School was not merely an emphasis on strong academics for the education of the mind, but more importantly, was an emphasis on character-building for the education of the heart. "Education without character is a dangerous thing," Gaebelein said in his address in 1922. "For character, not intellectual agility, is the source of right living. But character itself has a source."

In celebration of the founding of The Stony Brook School, on September 13th, we ask that you join us and celebrate our Founders' Day.

As a new century of education begins at The Stony Brook School, your generosity allows us to continue enriching and expanding the educational opportunities for the current generation of Brookers.

Here are some specific areas where your funding in 2022-23 provided a dynamic impact:

  1. We created significant opportunities for students and families through over $4.3 million in financial aid, supporting a record-high enrollment of 460.
  2. We stewarded the future of our facilities in the form of a new roof on Memorial Hall, a rebuilt steeple on Swanson Gymnasium, repaved Johnston parking lot, and a repaired slate walkway beside Carson Auditorium.
  3. Athletic facilities were improved in the form of a repaved outdoor basketball court, a new polyurethane coat on the Swanson Basketball Court, and repaired cracks on the Hollis Tennis Courts.
  4. We expanded the college counseling department to continue serving our students in the competitive college admissions process. In addition, tutoring services were added to the academic support structure to aid struggling students.
  5. Fire escapes and building entranceways were improved for community safety and fire code compliance.
  6. We improved campus security with interior and exterior camera upgrades and additional card access terminals.
  7. We renovated the Health Center.
  8. We purchased a new school van, essential for transporting our students to athletic events, field trips, and activities.
  9. We added a new public address and messaging system to improve the quality of morning “Bear Pause” announcements and security communications to every part of campus.
  10. We added windows to the Buyers Park press box for improved filming and broadcasting of games.
  11. We made general repairs and maintenance to classrooms, dormitories, offices, and outdoor furniture.

We are grateful for your partnership in the past and are grateful for it in the future as we plot the course for our next 100 years!

Be a Founder of our future.